What’s Beyond MapReduce? It Depends.

Hadoop, or the fundamental concept behind it, has now existed for ten years. In 2004, Google released the original MapReduce paper. This paper resulted in the development of Hadoop, which helped spur much of the Big Data hype and discussion. Processing massive amounts of data with MapReduce has resulted in innovations and cost savings. But MapReduce is a batch solution. The world has changed since 2004 and so has Hadoop.

Recently I moderated a panel of Hadoop luminaries. Every prominent Hadoop vendor, and a promising startup, was represented. The topic, ‘Beyond MapReduce,’ explored the variety of options emerging in the Hadoop ecosystem. Interestingly, I got several questions after the panel asking, “So what’s beyond MapReduce?” The panel discussion was clear: everything is beyond MapReduce. But applying new data processing options depends on your use case.

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